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Leading Share Market Training Academy in Pune.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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About Us

Tradeshala is a leading share market training academy located in Pune, Maharashtra with more than 7 years of experience. We have trained over 100+ students and have been part of the life changing experience of many others.

Our Courses are well design which includes Btst Trading, Swing Trading, Intraday Trading, Future and option trading and Commodity trading. Being a leading name for share market classes in Pune, we motivate people to come forward and be free from financial situations. Tradeshala is on a mission to create a financial freedom in more than 1 Lakh people. Our well designed scanners and tools boost trading journey on a new level.

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Tradeshala Four Levels Programm

Tradeshala Programms

Program 1

Tradeshala Four Levels Program

( Weekday Batch )
( MON – FRI 9 pm to 10 pm )

Level -1 : Basics of Share Market

Level - 2 : Technical Analysis

Level -3 : BTST Trading, Swing Trading with backtested scanners.

Level – 4 : Intraday Trading , Future and option trading, Fundamental Analysis.

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Level 1


Candle Formation

Chart Reading

Candlestick Patterns

Chart Patterns

Basics of Share Market

Level 3


BTST Trading with Tradeshala Strategy. Stock Selection scanner for BTST

Swing Trading with Tradeshala Strategy

Stock Selection Method

Best Scanners to choose stocks

Money / Risk management Excel

Fundamental Analysis

Trading Journal ( EYE opener )

Level 2


Introduction with Technical Analysis

Use of Trend line

Use of Support and Resistance

Different Ways to use Moving Averages

Indicators to identify the Trend

Level 4


Intraday Trading System

Magical Fibonacci System

Stock Selection Back tested scanner

Future and Option Trading

Option Greeks Simplified

Option Strategies with practical

Tradeshala option strategies for consistent income generation

Live Trading

Program 2

Tradeshala Four Levels Program

( Weekend Batch )
( SAT – 3 Hrs & SUN – 3 Hrs )
( 7 Weeks Batch )

Level -1 : Basics of Share Market

Level - 2 : Technical Analysis

Level -3 : BTST Trading, Swing Trading with backtested scanners.

Level – 4 : Intraday Trading , Future and option trading, Fundamental Analysis.

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Success Stories


I did couple of market courses before join tradeshala course, but i got the confidence abt share market after did this course, the way of coaching is excellent, easy to understand language helps a lot to get more market knowledge. Provided reference links and study material is useful fot trading.

Harshada Doke

खरेतर अनुभव खूपच उत्तम होता. शेअर मार्केट म्हणजे काय, ते कसे असते, किती पद्धती आहेत, अनेक गोष्टी राहुल सरांमुळे शिकायला मिळाल्या. जे शब्द कधीही ऐकले नव्हते तेही ऐकायला मिळाले. मला फक्त कँडल मध्ये दोनच कँडल माहीत होत्या, एक रेड आणि दुसरी ग्रीन... पण प्रत्येक बनणाऱ्या कँडेल ला काही नाव आहे जी मला पहिल्यांदा माहीत झाली. तयार होणारी कॅण्डल किंवा त्याच्या आधीचे कॅण्डेल कसे ओळखायचे, मोविंग अवरेज काय लावायचं, चार्ट रीड कसा करावयाचा, स्विंग ट्रेडिंग मधील फायदा करून देनारे स्टॉक कसे ओळखायचे अशा अनेक गोष्टी राहुल सरांनी खूप चांगल्या प्रकारे शिकवल्या. ट्रेड शाळा जॉईन करण्याआधी आणि ट्रेड शाळेचा कोर्स पूर्ण केल्यानंतर माझ्या कमाई मध्ये बराच फरक पडला आहे. आता मी फक्त प्रॉफिट बुक करण्याचाच प्रयत्न करतो. नुकसान होण्याचे भीती वाटत नाही.राहुल सरांची शिकवण्याची पद्धत, जीव ओतून प्रत्येक गोष्ट समजेपर्यंत समजून सांगणे या सर्व गोष्टींसाठी राहुल वाघ सरांचे मानावे तेवढे आभार कमीच आहेत.राहुल सर तुमचे पुन्हा एकदा मनापासून आभार...

Laxman Sakunde

Rahul Sir has explained share market so deeper. He clears our every doubt and make us understand in a simple method. I always enjoyed the class thank you so much Rahul sir. I suggest to join TRADESHALA academy and take proper insight od share market.

Alex Pais

I was new to share market. I had zero knowledge about it. Thnx for upgrading my knowledge and letting me set foot in market with proper guidance.

Sayali Harpale

I really want to appreciate and thank you for being such a wonderful teacher….the way you were interacting with us, way of teaching, making learning so interesting and explaining everything was outstanding….. I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing teacher.

Shubham vishnu wadekar